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While listening to a song by the Gaither Vocal Band, a thought spurred of an important lesson a veteran in ministry taught me. This lesson is foundational to know and understand. It is a lesson I pray I can fully appreciate and effectively apply to whatever ministry God would use me to lead. The lesson can be simplified into one sentence: ministry is about the purpose not the program. Let me explain. The purpose is sharing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word, while the program is the organized, fun and creative vessel in which the purpose is delivered. We must remember, though, not to confine the purpose within the program. If we were to do so, it would be similar to showing someone a box with something life changing in it, but only allowing them to see it in the box and never take it out. They would then only revisit this box each time it was presented. We must share the box, or more so what is it, with the intent of allowing God to change the lives of those we share it with, just as he changed ours. This all kind of sounds like evangelism doesn’t it? I believe that is the point. When we lose sight of that, and have the programs being delivered by the purpose, well, it just doesn’t work quite right.

Andy Catt

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Our God is bigger than all our problems, greater than all our failures, more loving than our greatest love, more gracious than our sins, more merciful than we’ll ever understand. Our God is more forgiving than we’ll ever deserve, more just than we can deliver. He is faithful, even when we aren’t. He loves us, even when we fail. He has made us clean, even when we feel so dirty. He lifts us up, even when it seems we have fallen too far. He is there for us and will never leave, even when it seems like everyone else has. He sent his Son to die for us, so that we can be with him. Why is it so hard to follow Him, when he is our answer, our strength, our comfort, our healer, our fortress, our refuge, our forgiver, our caretaker, our Father, our Lord, our King, our God? Often times we are more than willing to serve God and give him our all, but only if he does it for us. If he makes the first move. There have been many times in my life where I was waiting on God to move, when it was he who was waiting on me. In order for God to move in our lives, we have to make a decision to let him and then follow where he takes us.

Andy Catt